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Home Staging Tips

First impressions always matter—but when you're selling a home, a bad first impression can completely jeopardize your sale. If you want to maximize your profits, sell fast, and attract buyers, you may want to do a little staging. And contrary to popular belief, staging your home doesn't require a lot of money or time to yield results. 

Take a look at the tips below and let me know if you need any assistance!

Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

As buyers scroll through listings online, the first thing they'll see is an exterior shot of your home. So to really catch their attention, you'll want to capitalize on your curb appeal! Make any necessary repairs, sweep away debris, and ensure that any clutter is out of view. You can also splurge by updating your light fixtures or painting your front door!

Welcome buyers inside

Even if your porch is small, it can still serve as an inviting space for buyers. Spruce up your front entryway by setting out a new welcome mat or hanging a wreath on your door. Feel free to add small seasonal accents, too—try incorporating pumpkins during fall, garland during winter, and potted plants during spring and summer. 

Work the landscaping

No buyer wants to see overgrown bushes and trees or a lawn riddled with brown spots at the beginning of a showing. Ensure that your yard and landscaping look perfect when your home is on the market. To take your exterior to the next level, consider adding some new flowers or low-maintenance plants!

Clean & Repair

Brush up on maintenance

Today's buyers are looking for move-in ready homes. So if you have any lingering repairs that you need to take care of, it's best to complete them before they're uncovered during a home inspection. While it's okay to tackle some projects yourself, don't be afraid to call in the professionals to handle any larger issues.

Clear out some clutter

Excess clutter can make your home appear smaller. Work room by room and form piles of anything you no longer need or use. From there, you can throw away, donate, or sell what you won't be bringing with you to your new home.

Deep clean

Don't let dust, mold, mildew, or grime cost you a sale! Your home should be sparkling clean both before and while it's on the market. Now is the time to really get into every nook and cranny—but if you don't have enough time to scrub down each room in your house, it's definitely worth investing in a professional cleaning service.

Do a Little Decoration


If you have a lot of family photos, knickknacks, or memorabilia, it's best to pack them away before the showings begin. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and an abundance of personal items can be distracting during a tour.

Lighten up... your rooms

Natural light can make your home appear bigger and brighter. That means you should throw back the drapes, open the blinds, and let the sun in before a showing. If you have a room that doesn't get much natural light, try adding some lamps, upping the wattage in your bulbs, or hanging a few mirrors.

Add some seasonal decor

Incorporating seasonal decor can add warmth to your home, but it's crucial to not go overboard. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers in a decorative vase, evergreen accents for the holidays, or pumpkins of all sizes during fall. Try appealing to buyers' senses by setting out scented candles that match the season! 

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